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Omega Launches New Industry Leading Driver Interface

4 November 2020

Built SMART for the operator.

 OMEGA NEW Industry Leading Driver Interface

Omega is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, an industry leading driver interface for OMEGA heavy trucks. Designed with the driver in mind, the extensive new Omega touchscreen comes with complete connectivity at the swipe of a finger. 

Controlling functions on the premium automotive style 10 inch screen has a familiar and intuitive feel. Functions are easily accessible, reducing fatigue and giving easy interaction with truck controls and driver auxiliary functions. The neat 'dash' dials are always in view, with ample space for the integrated rear view camera, radio, phone connection, air conditioning controls, optional telemetry and more.

Moving away from a traditional industrial feel and switches, the new interface boasts a polished consumer feel. This innovative and expandable interface was developed through an evolutionary and strategic programme of operator surveys and workshops. The firsthand experience and input from the heavy truck operators, combined with our international mechatronics engineering team, ensure optimised ergonomics, critical functional and safety information, and driver comfort optimisation.  

Integrated in the new SMART driver interface is an automatic rear view camera, which compliments the array of revised passive and dynamic safety controls. The truck control module is future proofed with flash-able firmware updates ensuring your investment will always remain at the cutting edge of technology.

This new innovation takes operator safety, real time truck diagnostics, ergonomics and the man-machine interface to an entirely new level. 

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Omega Launches New Joystick and Keypad! 

Omega New Joystick and Keypad

To compliment OMEGA's new industry leading driver interface, Omega has introduced a new joystick and keypad, designed to provide the driver with more comfort and control than ever before.

The joystick features an adjustable wrist support that reduces stress on the drivers hand and arm, improving dexterity and comfort. The new illuminated keypad helps identify and distinguish between key safety and operational functions.

Bridging the gap between man and machine, the new ergonomic design and layout of the joystick and keypad evolved from desire to minimise “concentration sapping” fatigue. Understanding the consequences of fatigue and the need to optimise driver comfort, the focus was on delivering a seamless interaction between the truck controls and driver auxiliary functions.

  Omega Joystick and Keypad

Intuitive functions, improved functional dexterity, superior productivity, improved driver alertness, and reduced physical and mental fatigue all make Omega the SMART CHOICE, the SAFE CHOICE and the COMMERCIAL CHOICE for your next Heavy Lift.

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