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OMEGA 1,440kg Cabin Drop Test

9 June 2021

Over at OMEGA we believe the operators safety comes first. Due to OMEGA being engineered and manufactured right here in Australia, it means we do all our safety tests onsite. Last week the OMEGA team conducted a drop test to show that our cabins exceed the safety standards. We dropped 1.44 tonne from a height of 3.5 metres onto one of our extremley rigour cabins and of course our cabin came out on top. We do say BUILT SMART, BUILT TOUGH, BUILT HERE for a reason. 

Cabin Drop Test

We take safety very seriously here at OMEGA. Our ABCs of safety are instilled within our history.

A Pillar' – Our ‘A Pillar frame’ is the vital component of our cabins as it is designed and manufactured to come out on top against significant impact just like in this drop test.

Built on experience – With over 50 years of experience, OMEGA Heavy trucks have Australian engineers with deep knowledge in building the best in terms of safety and exceeding the standards for the operator’s protection.

Customised safety solutions – OMEGA engineers customise innovation to meet customers safety needs.


Head over to our social media pages to watch the cabin drop test footage in all its glory! 


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